“It’s more than just a bear hunt.”

1614183_812852152062338_1458396780_o The proud hunters.

It’s more than just a bear hunt.”

Our friend Shaine Reece of Silent Draw Outdoors shared something pretty memorable with us recently. This two part series of his show airing right now is dedicated to two very special hunters- and two incredible hunts. Here’s a bit of a teaser in Shaine’s words. To see more, and learn what happens, be sure to check out his show which airs on The Sportsman Channel on Saturday at 9pm, Sunday at 12am, and Thursdays at 10 AM Eastern. 

Part #1- “Dalton Hutchinson is a 12 yr old boy who had bone cancer at age 11.  He lost the upper part if his leg.  He was a huge fan of the show so I surprised him with his first bear hunt.  He ended up shooting two bears! It was an amazing experience that I will never forget.”

Part #2- “My father came up on the hunt also.  My dad at the time was 60 yrs old and had never shot a bear.  In hearing the story about Dalton dad had to come. My dad and I stopped hunting together when I was 18 and since then he’s only seen me hunt on TV. We have a lot of time to make up for and let’s just say at the end of the day- we had a father/son double:)”

WOW! We can’t wait to check it out Shaine. Often- hunting isn’t about the kill, it’s about the experience, and the loved ones we share it with. After all the high fives and hugs, pictures and skull mounts, the memories that last a lifetime are the real trophy.

On behalf of all of us at ScentBlocker, congratulations men! We’re happy for all of you. And Dalton- keep on wackin- and stackin- ‘em. You’ve got a bright future full of hunting adventures young man. Don’t forget to give us a holler when you outgrow our ScentBlocker gear:)


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