I BLOCK... the Voice in your head that says "Go Home".

16_iBlock_Newsletter (1)I BLOCK… the voice in your head that says “Go Home”. Because when you are wet, cold, hot, uncomfortable… it is easy to climb out of the stand.

Technology has advanced as game animals have continued to adapt. Consistently successful big game hunters have become accustomed to evaluating what new tools and technologies are required in order to maintain an edge in the field. The product engineers at ScentBlocker® do the same. We took a giant step forward in mastering human scent control with revolutionary synthetic Trinity® technology. Trinity is a major advancement but we are still not satisfied. We all know scent control is a crucial piece of the puzzle when it comes to matching wits with Mother Nature, but any dedicated hardcore hunter knows there is more. At ScentBlocker we're not going to settle for the best, we're continuing to become better.

While known for leading scent control technologies, what is not so obvious is that with more than 20 different hunting suits available in our lineup of apparel, we’ve designed a set to hunt nearly every condition. We are proud of the fact that our purpose driven gear has been steering hunting innovation for over 35 years. Everything we design and develop helps create an individualized biome against the hunters skin- trapping in odors AND combating adverse weather conditions that allow the hunter to remain undetected, stay comfortable, stay still, and quiet the voice in your head that says “go home”. In a sense, we are blocking from both the inside and out and providing the opportunity to hunt in comfort and succeed in the field.

Join us in the series of blog article shorts where we dig into the deep into hunting apparel line up and the technologies we use to help you become invisible and impervious to the adverse conditions we face in the field. First up… WindBlocker.

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