Huntin' with Turkey Tracks

Happy to simply be hunting, Daniel patiently waits for his chance at a tom. Happy to simply be hunting, Daniel patiently waits for his chance at a tom.

One of the great things about touring the winter show circuit is all of the new friends I get to meet. Recently while speaking at a large hunting show I met a man named Ron who wanted to make sure I knew about Turkey Tracks, and the Eric Corey Foundation. I hadn’t heard of Turkey Tracks yet, but was all ears. Ron filled me in about how the group was a non profit established to take hunters with limited mobility on all expenses paid, guided turkey hunts. I listened intently, and at the end of the conversation I simply said, “I got a kid for you.”

Nine year old Daniel Bosch has already seen a lifetime of medical professionals and surgeries in  his first decade of life than most ever will. Daniel has Hurler Syndrome He’s constantly in surgery or therapy and doesn’t seem to notice how challenging his young life is. In fact, the wonderful people at Mayo clinic know Daniel personally. I’m friends with Daniel’s family and know his passion for the outdoors. Whenever possible, Daniel and his dad Mike are in the woods or on the water, hunting or fishing for anything they can.

Of course Daniel was interested so I connected Ron and Mike and the hunt was on! Daniel was invited down to Indiana for their youth turkey season over Easter weekend. Equipped with his own guide, a young man who works at a nearby Gander Mountain in Coldwater, Michigan- Daniel enjoyed a Friday night pizza party and gun shooting session before attempting to get some sleep. His dad Mike shared with me that Daniel hadn’t slept well all week he was so excited! The hunters had all sorts of prayers coming their way as they embarked on the first hunt of the season on Saturday morning.

Although the weather didn’t cooperate entirely, Daniel did hear a bit of gobbling and in fact had a tom close! It wasn’t meant to be as Daniel did shoot at the bird- but that turkey must have nine lives, because he escaped unscathed. Appreciating life’s good things, and enjoying the hunt, Daniel came home in time for Easter dinner the following morning ecstatic about his adventure. He had all sorts of new turkey hunting gear the guys hooked him up with and  also returned with an open invite to come back down and try to fill his Indiana tag.

Daniel’s turkey season isn’t over. He also has the opportunity to hunt our home state of Michigan during the month of may. From all of us at ScentBlocker- good luck Daniel! We can’t wait to see pictures of the next big old longbeard that wanders in a bit too close:)


  • Henry Bosch

    Grandpa says Danny was really excided and loved the hunt, Thanks for all you've done for him.

  • Jason Herbert Staff Writer
    Jason Herbert Staff Writer - May 1, 2014 at 6:06 pm

    We're honored to help and can't wait to see the turkey he shoots this spring. Then... his deer this fall, then...

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