I Hate Turkeys!

Waitin' for one of those ugly turkeys! Waitin' for one of those ugly turkeys!

I hate turkeys. I don’t particularly like turkey hunting either. Besides the ticks and snakes, the spring weather is always iffy and the tall grass always wet. Call me “high maintenance” or “fussy”, and I’d probably agree with you. Yet, every spring I cover myself in camo and go turkey hunting, because there’s just something about that bird that gets to me.

Turkeys are some of the ugliest creatures out there. They are also borderline pests. But what gets me, what I truly enjoy most, is that they are one of the most interactive animals a person can hunt. The sound of an early morning gobble can take me from a sleep-deprived coma to a high adrenaline alert in a few short seconds. They talk back. They’re in tune with the subtle differences in calling and on high alert for any little movement that isn’t just right. Turkeys challenge me- and I love nothing more than a good challenge.

Thank Heaven's ScentBlocker has the gear and the products to keep me in the field! My go to choice of camo for spring turkey hunting are the Recon shirt and pants. Lightweight for those humid spring days in Kansas, but flexible and easy to move in for those awkward positions that turkeys seems to catch me in.

My absolute favorite product of all time to get me outside during the spring and summer is ScentBlocker’s Bug Blocker. This is a huge step forward for making products that help keep women and children in the outdoors. Of course you can get bug repellent at any big box store, but ScentBlocker always goes one step further in making a product better and more effective. It’s also good for 8 hours, making it one less thing to hassle with during turkey season.

Now that you know much I love spring turkey hunting, and despite the fact I’ll cuss those ugly birds every chance I get, my heart is always out in the field listening for that first gobble that gets my blood flowing. Having ScentBlocker by my side just makes it that much easier and that much more worth it.

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  • Mike

    A challenging animal, do doubt. I don't target them but buy a license every fall, in case they cross my path.

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