Happy Easter!


So then, as we conclude our look at the steps and implications of our adoption, we see that every step of adoption in the Roman culture was meaningful in the mind of Paul when he transferred the picture of adoption into Abba's family. Once we were in absolute possession of sin, controlled by our own sinful nature; BUT GOD, IN HIS MERCY, bought us and brought us into absolute possession of Himself. We are His children right now. Our old life and family have no more claim to us. Abba does. Our debt has been forgiven. We now have a glorious inheritance in store for us. We have been given a new life that comes with a new name. We now go by the name Christ-one, or Christian. We are joint-heirs with Him! What Jesus inherits, we inherit. Wow!

What Biblical adoption means then is that, as a Christian, you are a chosen child of God Almighty. He is your Daddy. He has adopted you into His family and nothing can ever change that fact. He chose you, you didn't choose Him. Adoption was His idea, not yours. You did nothing to earn the adoption, in fact you probably did as much as possible to not deserve it, and yet, in His great love and mercy, He chose you. Your adoption is sealed by His Holy Spirit, and your name is indelibly written in the Lamb's book of life forever. Your job is to receive your adoption and thank Him. Your treat is to spend eternity in the company of Abba. As an old friend of mine used to say, "I'm incredibled!"

From the crew at Robinson Outdoors, may His resurrection give you hope and joy and security as His beloved child.


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