Guest Blog- "Thankful for the American Farmer" by Deer Passion's Aaron Zimmerman

Once again the holidays are upon us. Like most households this time of year we are running around with our heads cut off. Last minute purchases of items from the grocery store for the big family Thanksgiving dinner, cleaning the house, and making sure you’re setting the right number of places at the table. The preparation list for a family dinner often rivals the list we put together before the start of deer season. As a family we always go around the table and say one thing we are truly thankful for. Typical responses range from family we appreciate, our health, or even that new job. This year my response will be a little different.


Aaron and his Thanksgiving turkey- one he harvested the old fashioned way:) Aaron and his Thanksgiving turkey- one he harvested the old fashioned way:)


Like most years I’m the last minute errand boy who is sent to the grocery to fight the lines for the last can of green beans for the famous green bean casserole or the coveted can of corn other guys are fighting over in the isle. Heaven forbid you’re the guy that shows up at home without the required unsalted can of corn to complete the secret recipe that we all know is printed right on the can or just a click of the internet away. So once again I put on my shoulder pads and strap on my old high school football helmet and head off to do battle in the grocery store.

After another successful mission to the store with minimal bodily damage I headed home proud of myself for saving the day. However this year on my way home while feeling proud I noticed smoke rising from a farmer’s field that I have the pleasure of hunting. That smoke was rising from a combine hard at work harvesting the corn field that for months has held the bucks I’ve been targeting. My initial thought was “finally” maybe now I will actually see a deer. Like most thick headed people it took me a moment to realize just how selfish I was. Here I was thinking about how that corn still standing was effecting my hobby, didn’t even cross my mind that this hard working farmer was working on Thanksgiving. He wasn’t with his family today because he was providing food for mine.

So this year at our family dinner what I’m thankful for is the American Farmer. Hardest working folks amongst us who every day are working so that we can feed our families. Next year when I’m sitting over that standing corn field and not seeing a deer I hope I remember this experience and maybe pick-up the phone and offer to help that farmer. God bless the hard working farmer and thank you for all you do for me and my family each and every day. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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