Guest Blog- "My SOLA Christmas List" by Shelby Nusz of Hang'Em Outfitters

I typically always have the goal of shooting my buck early in the season so I don’t have to brave the winter elements. Funny thing is Kansas weather is never consistent and is rarely accurately forecasted so you better be prepared for anything. The nasty winter weather I try to avoid can hit as early as October and you can forget any warm weather hunting. I have gone from lightweight pants and a t-shirt to full snow gear in a matter of 24 hours. Having the right clothing attire in Kansas is key to a comfortable hunt and we always emphasize that to all our clients. If you are unprepared for the elements you will have a miserable experience, which is the last thing we want.

I love all the options SOLA has to offer. First and foremost, I love that it is designed specifically for a woman. They have everything I would need for my hunts throughout the season. Here are a few “necessities” that are on my Christmas list (and unlike shoes my husband rarely argues hunting gear necessities):

Shelby in her SOLA gear for a fair weather Kansas hunt. (at least the weather is "fair" for now) Shelby in her SOLA gear for a fair weather Kansas hunt. (at least the weather is "fair" for now)


  1. SOLA arctic shirt and pant- because it has been wicked cold here, I’m talking negative wind chills and snow, and let’s face it – no one likes to be cold. I shake enough when a big buck comes across my path that I don’t want to add the shivers to the mix. I’m also a huge fan of the zip front on the top!
  2. SOLA bombshell vest – Cute, functional, comfortable, layer capabilities, and harness slit. Need I say more?
  3. SOLA trinity glove with text touch- who doesn’t use tree stand time to skim through social media, reply to emails or in my case occasionally read on your tablet AND keep your hands from freezing? I am not a fan of bulky gloves so I often don’t wear anything and spend hours defrosting after my hunt.
  4. SOLA logo ball cap – I’m hoping Santa adds this to my stocking. Can’t go wrong here.

Aside from my top Christmas picks SOLA offers it all from lightweight early season gear to anything I would need to keep me warm in the coldest weather. I would recommend all my fellow huntresses and any woman coming to hunt with Hang’Em Outfitters to check out this phenomenal line.

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