Guest Blog from Aaron Zimmerman- Uncharted Ground

Uncharted Ground

By Deer Passion's Aaron Zimmerman


Can you imagine leaving your home one morning with just your gun, a few supplies, and then heading off into the woods knowing you wouldn’t set foot in your yard again for a month or two- or more? I couldn’t either, but that was the life of the pioneers we, as hunters, have idolized for many years. Yes, Daniel Boone and Davey Crockett hunted for food and furs for trade, but you can’t sell me on the notion they did it purely out of necessity. There was an internal fire within them both that burned brightest with each mountain climbed or forest explored.

Fast forward 100 years and the adventurous spirit of the pioneer hunter wouldn’t recognize our way of hunting with so many rules, and regulations. Don’t get me wrong, these men and women were not lawless and unethical hunters, but followed an unwritten set of rules that encompassed all that we believe in…respect and gratitude for the land we’ve been entrusted with by our creator.

My question to you is “What does your hunting ground mean to you?” I’m sure it means something different to each of us so bear with me as I share with you what my hunting grounds have meant to me and how it continues to impact me today.

The author's son with a beautiful buck he harvested. The author's son with a beautiful buck he harvested.


As a kid learning to hunt I was fortunate enough to grow up on a small piece of property that I’m pretty sure was referred to by the deer in the area as their own little “dirt road”. They would travel through on their way to and from bedding areas so it was always a treat to catch that rare glimpse of a deer. Back in those days I didn’t have my Trinity ScentBlocker gear getting me closer so I’m sure there were a lot more out there, but my human scent was as bad as my hunting skills at the time. After years on stand I did end up taking my first deer and learned persistence, patience, and the importance of planning. These lessons learned while hunting that old “dirt road” were the building blocks that started my passion for hunting, but that wasn’t the most valuable lesson learned.

After years of hunting my parents’, ground I was forced to branch out when neighbors’ homes started popping up all around the property. Feeling overcrowded, I found myself packing up my gun and supplies and pushing off for new and uncharted hunting ground. I was leaving all that I knew and loved in the deer woods and starting over in unfamiliar territory. Through friends at church, I secured a great farm close to home that had seen very little pressure over the years. I hunted this property for 10 years with many great seasons and memories to share. It was here that I shot my first “trophy” bucks, tasting the success that I thought only the big names in the industry could experience. After gaining the knowledge that several very large bucks had been taken on the property, I found myself once again feeling crowded as bow hunters poured into the farm. Although I was forced to branch out, it was this move that showed me the fun, adventure, and excitement that can be found when we step out of our comfort zone. Couple that with learning to believe that I, too, could accomplish the impossible with hard work and I had learned two great lessons, but also not the most valuable lesson learned.

Some uncharted ground- with limitless potential. Some uncharted ground- with limitless potential.


The most valuable lesson I learned was simple and far too often missed. I learned to appreciate the land. This earth is filled with so many wonders that so many people never have the chance to experience or enjoy, and we, as hunters, can. I don’t remember each deer sighting or hunt, but I do remember that old oak tree where my first tree stand was hung. I remember that stream that I thought was shallow and after taking one step I learned I was dead wrong. I remember that bush that in early light always looked like a 400” monster whitetail. If you don’t own the land, then recognize what that land owner is freely giving to you. Show your appreciation for the honor to hunt the land, and always make sure that when you feel the urge to move on you leave that ground with care and respect so that the next hunter to come through has the same chance to explore their new uncharted ground.

Aaron's son Hunter- just soaking it all in. Aaron's son Hunter- just soaking it all in.


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