Goodbye Sinner, Hello Son


I trust you have enjoyed thanking the Father for His foreign, “unlike any love you've ever known” Love. This week, let’s look more at what Father's love looks like. How we come to have the blessing of calling God, “Father.”

Let's look for a moment at Romans 8:15 "For you have not received a spirit of slavery which leads to fear again, BUT you have received the spirit of adoption as sons (and daughters) by which we cry out "Abba! Father!"

This, I believe is one of the most incredible, foundational verses in all of Scripture. We could talk for months and not exhaust all of what is included here. With that understanding, let's glimpse at it today.

I have to confess, for years I under-appreciated this verse, primarily because I assumed I knew what it was saying. How foolish of me! For starters, being an adoptive parent, I never investigated the cultural context for adoption. What I came to discover was that one reason adoption is spoken of so infrequently in the New Testament is that it was not practiced in the Jewish or Greek cultures. Talk about His love being “foreign!” In the Roman culture, infants and children were not adopted - only adults. In a Roman adoption, the adoptive father would agree with the biological father as to a price for the adoptee.

Are you connecting the dots back to the verses in Ephesians 2? Your birth father was the devil, as we were all born into sin, children of the world and the curse. BUT now, you have been adopted. You have a new Father; God! You belong to His family and His Kingdom. He joyfully chose to pay the highest price to be able to adopt you; His Son's life.

So, say goodbye to slavery and hello to freedom! Say goodbye to fear and hello to Love! Say goodbye to death and hello to life! And finally, say goodbye to your old name, “Sinner” and hello to your new name, “Son” (daughter).

We'll look at more of this next week. Meanwhile, enjoy thanking “Abba Father” for His wonderful, foreign, and adoptive Love for us!


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