'But God'

We're sure you opened this section with a little curiosity. What could 'But God' be doing on this website? Glad you asked.

The leadership at Robinson believes in God as He is revealed in Scripture. We believe He loves all of us and we want to share His love with all who are interested. So we will be sharing some thoughts on His love as we go forward.

But why the title, 'but God'? For one thing, 'but' is a conjunction which means to present a different idea. We believe God has some things to say about Himself and His love that contradict some of our ideas about Him.

What responses do we receive from our customers? Each week thousands and thousands of people read the “but God” message online. We receive dozens and dozens of appreciative emails, rejoicing that a company has the courage to stand up for what it believes despite perhaps it not being the most popular thing to do these days. God has blessed our business!

So, we're glad you opened this section and will continue to look at it as you visit our website.if you ever have a question or comment about this section, please email tpaige@robinsonoutdoors.com


Note: “but God” is a weekly ministry of Robinson Outdoors Products written for us by pastor and spiritual counselor, Thomas Paige. “But God” is posted each week on the ScentBlocker website and can be found there along with the archives of messages of past months from Thomas. “But God” is also posted each week on ScentBlocker Facebook page and Twitter.


  • Carl montgomery

    I found a card in the pocket of a new hunting jacket I bought. It is great; we are starting up a Christian fellowship in an old double wide trailer on our hunting club in Tuscaloosa Alabama. We have 85 hunters and around 8500 acres. We need all the prayers you can send our way. The harvest fields are white but the pickers are few. I would like to have a 200 of these cards to share with each hunter, only a few are born-again I'm afraid.


    Carl Montgomery

    132 Maple Trace
    Hoover Al 35244

  • Jim Austin

    I am a sales associate at Dick's Sporting Goods in Louisville, Ky. I recently purchased a camo hunting jacket at our store. In the pocket I found a card that mentioned our creator, our heavenly father , almighty GOD. I am a hunter, outdoors man, and believer, thank you for this encouraging message and keep up the good work. I hope to purchase more of your products in the future. I also will share this with my friends and fellow hunting buddies. Thanks again.

    IN Christ Jim

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