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But God Image_Color_CrossGreetings,

Last time we talked about the impossibility of us disappointing God. We said we would look at that topic some more in this installment, so here goes.

When I sin, I am often tempted to be disappointed with myself. Sometimes that is because I have, without being aware of it, been trusting myself to obey Him. That was my first mistake. Another reason for my disappointment is that He has gifted me with the desire to be faithful to Him, and I have, yet again, gone against my heart's desire and disobeyed. I believe it is of utmost importance to grasp how He responds when I sin. He rushes in to rescue me from this pit of self pity and despair. He is not interested in me beating myself up, nor allowing anyone else to do that to me. I have been taught,and teach, that He is a 'gentleman'. But, in this case, He will interrupt me! When? When I begin to ask Him to forgive me for the sin I committed. Now, asking Him for forgiveness is something that is often taught and it comes again from a good heart, but it is not biblical, and it is redundant. He has already forgiven you! After our wedding, I never again asked my wife to marry me. I often thanked her she did and more often expressed my love for her. In the same way, when I am aware I have sinned, I agree with Him it was indeed sin and that I have no excuse for what I did, and then I thank Him that He has already forgiven me. This keeps my focus on Jesus and what He accomplished on the Cross instead of my focus being on myself and what I did. I experience gratitude and fall more in love with Him.

Therefore, next time you recognize you've sinned, thank Him. He isn't surprised or disappointed, and thank Him that you are forgiven and tell Him how much you love Him.

This is part of what Jesus meant when He said "it is finished!"






If you want to know what someone really thinks, just listen to what they say after the word ‘but’ …so it is here with…”but God!”“

Note: “but God” is a weekly ministry of Robinson Outdoors Products written for us by pastor and spiritual counselor, Thomas Paige. “But God” is posted each week on the ScentBlocker website and can be found there along with the archives of messages of past years and months from Thomas. “But God” is also posted each week on ScentBlocker Facebook page and on Twitter.

You may ask, “why would Robinson, an outdoor products company with brands ScentBlocker and Tree Spider, making products for hunters, spend its time on something like “but God”?” Great question, as we here at Robinson consider our work place our mission field, our products bearing the John 3:16 inscription our outreach. In every new ScentBlocker jacket there is a laminated waterproof pocket insert that contains the salvation message printed in two languages. And, we ask the Lord to provide more opportunities for us to be a light unto a dark world.

What responses do we receive from our customers? Each week thousands and thousands of people read the “but God” message online. We receive dozens and dozens of appreciative emails, rejoicing that a company has the courage to stand up for what it believes despite perhaps it not being the most popular thing to do these days. God has blessed our lives and our business!

I hope you will enjoy this weeks’ “…but God” as Thomas continues the series, unto the Lord!

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