But God- Respond to the Staff

Before we begin this week's But God post, we wanted to share some meaningful feedback we received from Mary McCoy.

"As my husband was packing his gear to deploy tonight, he took a break to open his ScentBlocker package that had come earlier in the mail today. He is excited to hopefully use it this fall when he come home for the unending hunt for a deer. And then, he came across something more important than the shirt, and more meaningful to him. Certainly, a timely gift. It was a card stock with John 3:16 on it, reading that God would rather die for you than live without you. That card just got carefully packed to travel down range and means more to us as a family than you know.

God Bless.

Mary McCoy"

WOW... Thanks Mary! And to Mr. McCoy- where ever you are in the world, thank you for your service and defending our freedom. We will all be praying for your safe and speedy return to the states so you don't miss a moment of deer season!

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We return now from looking at the uses of a shepherd's rod to looking at some of the uses of his staff. As we saw last week, his rod was symbolic of Scripture, we now will see that his staff is symbolic of His Holy Spirit.

A shepherd's staff was long, wooden, with a hook on one end. His rod and staff were usually the only 'tools' he carried on a journey. They were used together to care for his sheep.

So it is today on our journey with our Good Shepherd. He always uses them together with us. Any life transforming Truth from His Written Word, is ONLY revealed to us by His Spirit. Likewise, any direction, any message His Spirit gives us, is NEVER inconsistent with His Written Word. They ALWAYS work together. With that understanding, let's look at some of the ways His Spirit deals with us, His sheep.

Direction is the first use that comes to mind. A shepherd would use his staff to direct a wandering sheep back to the flock. Sheep would wander for a couple of reasons. Sometimes it was forgetfulness. A sheep absent-mindfully begin to drift. The shepherd would lay his staff on the side of the sheep and nudge it back to the flock. Other times it was intentional. The sheep would be drawn to some grass that appeared greener. The sheep thought it knew better than its shepherd what was best for it.

The flock, of course, for us is fellowship with other sheep. The next time you have the realization that you have wandered, or the thought to reach out to another sheep, respond to that nudging immediately.

The other direction in which a shepherd would lead a sheep was to himself. A shepherd knew and loved each of his sheep. He knew they thrived on his attentive love. Much more does our Shepherd know and love us. His desire is to lavish His love on each of us. The next time you have the idea to spend some alone time with your Shepherd, don't hesitate. Thank Him for the idea. Thank Him for His relentless and unwavering love and desire for you. Thank Him for His Spirit. Tell Him you love Him too. It just doesn't get much better than that. ENJOY!





If you want to know what someone really thinks, just listen to what they say after the word ‘but’ …so it is here with…”but God!”“

Note: “but God” is a weekly ministry of Robinson Outdoors Products written for us by pastor and spiritual counselor, Thomas Paige. “But God” is posted each week on the ScentBlocker website and can be found there along with the archives of messages of past years and months from Thomas. “But God” is also posted each week on ScentBlocker Facebook page and on Twitter.

You may ask, “why would Robinson, an outdoor products company with brands ScentBlocker and Tree Spider, making products for hunters, spend its time on something like “but God”?” Great question, as we here at Robinson consider our work place our mission field, our products bearing the John 3:16 inscription our outreach. In every new ScentBlocker jacket there is a laminated waterproof pocket insert that contains the salvation message printed in two languages. And, we ask the Lord to provide more opportunities for us to be a light unto a dark world.

What responses do we receive from our customers? Each week thousands and thousands of people read the “but God” message online. We receive dozens and dozens of appreciative emails, rejoicing that a company has the courage to stand up for what it believes despite perhaps it not being the most popular thing to do these days. God has blessed our lives and our business!

I hope you will enjoy this weeks’ “…but God” as Thomas continues the series, unto the Lord!

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