God is Cool

Welcome back.

We are going to continue our look at being a member of Abba's “royal priesthood”. Last time we looked at a bit of what is entailed and that was to offer our praise and thanksgiving to Abba for Who He is. This time we will talk just a bit about the other side of our service as a priestly member of His kingdom. That is to serve others. Let me ask you a question- are you proud of Abba? Do you think He rocks? Do think the ways He goes about His business is cool? Tell others you think so. When those thoughts come to mind, thank Him and praise Him that they are true, and then immediately give expression to them. Sometimes it will be during a conversation with a friend or loved one. Interject that praise that just came to mind. Sometimes you may get to tell a stranger. Be bold to brag on your Abba. You don't need to be eloquent or verbose- "God is cool"- will do. Let's try that on this week and see how it fits.




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