The Geeky Way to Scout Public Land

Geek Scouting Public Land


“The Antler Geeks”- Tony and Tyler are at it again. These guys are nuts- and really into chasing mature bucks on public lands. Recently we had a chance to talk strategy and Tyler filled me in on what the Geeks think is important when hunting public land.


Scouting- Probably the most important of all public hunting factors, scouting is crucial. The Geeks scout way more then they hunt for several reasons. First and foremost, they find places to hunt that could potentially hold big deer- because the Geeks can't kill mature bucks if they aren't there.


Potential- Tony and Tyler believe that every public property has the potential to hold mature deer. The limiting factor to this mentality is really the hunter's attitude and work ethic. They feel that mature bucks are on public land- it's up to the hunter to find them.


Dedication- Hunters need to be smart, and hunt hard. Tyler shared with me that they try to go further than anyone else, away from trails and parking areas. The Geeks feel that the big deer will also avoid human traffic, and their best chances at tagging a big buck are away from everyone else.


Flexibility- Finally, Tyler talked about how important it is to be flexible. Things rarely go as planned, and public land hunters need to be able to adapt. The weather may change, human interference may play a factor, and just about anything else that can go wrong will. The key is to keep a positive attitude and stick with it!


Want More? … We hope so! There is so much more to the Antler Geek scouting philosophy. To see it all, click on the following educational video to watch the Geeks in action as they scout a piece of Iowa public land.

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