Finding a Way with Mark Misura

Doe Harvest SS

Honestly, there is nothing that turns me off of outdoor media more quickly than blatant product plugs.  So, let me preface this by stating that this is anything but that.  This is my experience with a product that has rapidly moved to the top of my list of essential bowhunting equipment.

Like many outdoorsmen and women, I have a hard time relating to outdoor media that is created by people who have seemingly unlimited time and money to dedicate to the woods.  This is my first archery season working one full-time job, Monday through Friday, 7:00 AM to 3:30 PM.  As you can imagine, it is drastically cutting into my time in the woods.  In the past, working a few different part-time jobs with flexible hours allowed me to sneak out to my stand more regularly than the average outdoorsman or woman.  I have always been very strict with my bowhunting regimen.  For an afternoon hunt, I would accept nothing less than showered and in the stand no later than by 2:30 PM.  With my new career, this would prove to be impossible.  As the season approached, I realized how dramatically my time in the stand would be reduced if I couldn’t get out for afternoon hunts and feel comfortable about being in the tree.

IMG_4401For me, this was going to be a multi-level problem.  Not only does less time in the stand obviously reduce the odds of deer encounters, but also as a filmmaker, this reduction in stand-time was going to be a serious detriment to the amount of footage I’d be collecting.  I needed a solution. I had to find a way.

With these new constraints, I knew that if I were going to find a way to hunt afternoons, I would have to control the one factor that I could; my scent.  My clothing would be a non-issue.  I keep them scent free to the point that in some medical circles, l would be diagnosed as obsessive compulsive.  The only issue now, would be my person.  Luckily for me, the company that has been with me since my first day in a tree some 16+ years ago would be there for me once again.  I would find my solution in ScentBlocker’s Field Wipes, used in conjunction with, more than likely, way too much ScentBlocker Trinity Blast spray.  I could strip down in the field before putting on my clothes and wipe off my odor with the moist, scent absorbing towelettes.  I keep them right in my clothing tote and the container they come in keeps them fresh for weeks.

IMG_4617On October 14th, I was able to get in a stand after work and harvest a mature doe who was directly down-wind of me, while only wearing two base layer shirts.  If you find yourself pressed for time because of everyday life obligations, I highly suggest picking up a few containers of these wipes.  They help me adapt, overcome, and most importantly, succeed.  I’m positive they will work for you as well.

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