Family Foundation

So in recap, we’ve been adopted into God’s family! Born into Adam’s family, but because of God’s great mercy, we were adopted into His family.

One thing every family has in common is a foundation. Whether the foundation is intentional or not, whether it is positive or negative or whether the family members are aware of the foundation or not, every family has one.

Reflecting on Romans 8:15, we see the two families and they each have a foundation. Let’s look briefly at them. The foundation in Adam's family is that of slavery. Who were the slaves you ask? Us! To what were we enslaved? Many things according to Scripture, but the one that stands out today is that of us trying to earn the love that we need. Whatever shape that earning looked like- getting good grades, being good looking, being funny, smart, successful at whatever we were doing- having the biggest truck, the best job, the prettiest wife- we had to prove we were worthy of love and acceptance, to ourselves and others. Sadly enough, it never seemed to quite meet the need to be loved. What a burden!

Fortunately for us, God had a better plan, a new way, a new covenant, that of adoption. In His family this love we have been trying to achieve is the foundation. The result is rest from the striving. Freedom to be His child, chosen by Him for this new life of love. Peace, joy, and security are ours in this family of Abba's! We get to call Him 'Daddy'. That's not just what we get to call Him, it is Who He is! Our 'Daddy'!
So then, let's cast off the burden of achieving and practice receiving.
What a foreign kind of love this is- what an amazing Father.
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