The Elk Hunting Ironman

Larry and Joe on a stalk.


Mr. Elk- Larry Woodward of ScentBlocker Most Wanted TV has just returned from another wild Rocky Mountain hunting adventure. This in itself isn’t too rare- Larry’s a world travelled big game hunter with just about every big trophy hanging on his wall. What is unique though is what he accomplished- Larry teamed up with outfitter Joseph Graham to either kill, film, or call in nine public land, free range, trophy New Mexico bull elk in fourteen days! What’s even more amazing is the fact that Joe’s outfit enjoyed 100% success, with each of his nine bowhunters killing trophy bulls.


The happy hunters!

The happy hunters!


We discussed Larry’s aggressive elk hunting tactics before with our DIY elk hunting guide. The sheer magnitude of this feat is legendary. Imagine, hiking almost two weeks, up mountains, down mountains, through brush, crossing rivers- and all at over a mile of altitude! And that’s just the beginning. When the elk is down, the real work begins. Anyone that’s ever packed out a massive bull elk knows that when the hunt is over- it’s time to get to work. Now… take one grueling Western elk hunt and multiply it nine times in the course of two weeks! “Man… I gotta be honest. I’m tired. It was amazing though. Those bulls were a screaming and we just couldn’t let this opportunity pass. It was fun.” I was talking to Larry on his sixteen hour drive home back to Missouri. “The Lightweight baselayers and that 1.5 shirt were my best friends on this trip. That stuff dried so quickly and we never got busted. When we got close, everyone drenched themselves in Trinity Blast- cameraman and all, and well… the rest is history.”


Now the work begins:)


So, from all of us at ScentBlocker- congratulations Larry! We’re not sure if there’s a Guinness World Record for ”Most elk killed in a two week period” but if there were- we think you’d be the new champion. We can’t wait to see what the rest of the fall holds for you and are certainly happy to be part of the adventure.

Nine trophy bull elk, with archery equipment, on public land, in two weeks!? The idea used to be absurd. Now, with ScentBlocker’s ultra thin synthetic Trinity scent control technology, not only is a two week elk hunting marathon possible- it happened! And it will again.

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