Don Pollauf's Wild Ride Continues

Our buddy Don "The World's Biggest Bowhunter" Pollauf is having the best season of his life. If you've been following our updates, you know that he's already tagged a giant Wisconsin buck and another brute in Kansas. I just got this email from him the other day about another beautiful buck, this one from frosty Saskatchewan. In his own words.

scentblockerSaskatchewan, land of big bucks and chocolate horns! I finally got the chance to hunt this frozen land at the end of November with Northern Pine Outfitters. I made the 30 hour drive, which included braving a snowstorm on the way up. It was day three and we had just moved to a new spot, with alfalfa strewn about 40 yards in front of our tent blind. It was a brisk 22 degrees so I was wearing my New Dead Quiet Scentblocker suit with Merino wool baselayers. Then on top of that, my Heater Body Suit was helping keep the warmth in while the ScentBlocker suit kept my scent under control. It was around 9 am when a bunch of does looked up with alarm, then scampered off into the bush. I knew a buck was coming by the way they reacted. Food is scarce, and bucks get first dibs. He walked in on high alert, and the morning sun coming into our blind alerted him even more. After 10 minutes of letting him calm down, I raised my Quest bow and put my 40 yard second pin low on his chest- knowing he was on alert. I let it fly and the hit was a little back. I hoped it wasn't to far. After an hour I got out to check my arrow and thankfully it was covered in blood. He was quartering away, so after seeing it, I knew I caught liver and double lung. After a short 50 yard track through the snow covered ground, the chocolate rack gleamed against the white background! This was my first experience in far north for whitetails, and I can't wait to go back!

Once again- congratulations Don! You've accomplished great things this year and we're happy to be part of your success. What's next?:)

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