Don Pollauf gets it done in Wisconsin!

Our good friend and loyal ScentBlocker user Don Pollauf AKA- "World's Biggest Bowhunter", had a great hunt recently that ended up with him tagging an absolute giant whitetail. I asked Don how it all came together. In his own words...


image1 The "World's Biggest Bowhunter" and his gigantic Wisconsin whitetail.

"It was a crisp morning in Wisconsin, finally a cold front had pushed through. I had been hunting for eight days prior without seeing much deer movement, but I was capturing some mature bucks at night. This particular buck I knew I had the on farm from previous trail cam pics. I also had a pic from the day before, 30 yards from where I shot him. I always prepare with a scent free shower in the morning. I keep all my ScentBlocker Baselayers in a big plastic tub so they stay scent free. I put just my Baselayers on and drive to my destination. I keep all my ScentBlocker suits in a scent free bag. This particular morning was 32 degrees so I chose my Matrix suit with Merino wool Baselayers along with my Windbreaker vest. I sat for about four hours when I was talking to my cameraman ready to get down, and I looked to my left and this buck was working a scrape! The same scrape that we had a picture of him on from day before. One grunt and he walked to me about fifteen yards. I stayed at full draw for two minutes until he turned for quartering away shot at 25 yards. Without the ScentBlocker layer system to keep me warm that morning for my long sit, we wouldn't have even still been in the tree. So ScentBlocker not only is for my scent control purposes, but also layering system to keep me warm!"

Wow! On behalf of all of us here at ScentBlocker, congratulations Don. Thanks for taking the time out of your busy fall to stay in touch. We're all glad that you realize the multi-purpose potential our gear offers. Now... continue to knock 'em down this fall... and send us pictures!

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