Dead Quiet Value with Tony Hansen, Antler Geeks

SB-15_2The concept behind the Antler Geeks project was simple: Reality.

Even though I've been in the “hunting industry” for some time now, I hunt much the same now as I did before I ever had the opportunity to work for outlets like Realtree and Outdoor Life. Contrary to what you might have heard, us outdoor writers aren't all given free reign on thousands of acres of prime whitetail ground. At least not this writer. Just like with my career, I have to fight and scratch for every advantage I can get.

When launching Antler Geeks, I wanted to use my experience in the media world to help other hunters make the best buying decisions they could make when it comes to new hunting gear. I didn't grow up with much money and I certainly didn't have much early in my career. Heck, I'm still not in a position to throw cash around. I hate spending money on a product that doesn't work. I especially hate spending money on something only to find that it's a one-dimensional deal. Thus our product reviews are done a bit differently than others. We're not interested in the “cool” factor. We're not interested in the brand on the label or the marketing campaign behind it.

SB_15_3We want to know two things: Does it do what it's supposed to do? And is it a good value?
Notice I didn't say “cheap.” That's because value has nothing to do with the price. It's a measure of the overall performance of the product in relation to the cost.

We've tested a ton of ScentBlocker apparel over the years and each time we've walked away saying the same thing: This stuff was designed by someone who hunts. Sure, you'll spend some cash on top-end clothing. But if you spend that money on the right clothing, you're making an investment that will serve you for seasons to come.

Recently I had the chance to check out the Dead Quiet series. This is a bowhunter's dream come true. It's a midweight fleece jacket and pant system that's just the right amount of warmth for the majority of situations I'll face in the Midwest during archery season. The fabric is just as stated – absolutely silent. The fleece is tight and will block wind. It feels great, the Realtree camo patterns are sharp and vibrant. I'm very happy. But here's where the value factor comes in. For starters, it has Trinity scent control. This system works based on personal experience. And it recharges in the washing machine. Bonus value.

SB_15_1The layout of the system is awesome. You can snap your Tree Spider safety harness right into the jacket. The pockets on the pants have an exterior zipper that makes it easy to access things while sitting in a stand. The chest pockets have great zippers that are functional AND quiet. And I was really happy to find that the jacket included a roll-up hood made of stretch fabric. It tucks away when not in use and provides ample protection from the elements.

The Dead Quiet system would have been great without those added features. But the attention to detail and design makes it an even better buy. And that's what value is all about.

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