Dan Burzon- The Story of a Loyal ScentBlocker User and His Gigantic Elk

“When the rack is taller than the hunter... that's a big rack!”


I was talking to Dan Burzon, recent local legend in elk hunting circles about his massive 404” Colorado bull. Word had made it my way through a mutual friend, Cally Morris of “The 15 Yard Files” on Realtree.com that his buddy Dan had just shot a monster. I knew I needed to get a hold of Dan ASAP and find out what happened. My heart was racing as he told the story.

Dan and guide Steve Fernandez with Dan's magnificent bull elk. Dan and guide Steve Fernandez with Dan's magnificent bull elk.


“We knew there was a big bull in the area. Bob Daugherty of Redwing Outfitters and Vermejo Park Ranch Guide/Camp Manager had seen this bull a few days before. The morning of my hunt, Bob prayed that if it were God's will- one of us will get a shot.” Burzon went on to describe his hunt of a lifetime. In a classic elk hunting team strategy, his caller, guide Steve Fernandez was set up about 100 yards behind him, calling to a group of bulls. One sounded big. Dan set up accordingly and was anticipating a nice shot to his right. “As usual, the elk didn't act the way I thought they would.” The first bull to show, a nice 290” “satellite bull” came in at about 25 yards to Dan's left, downwind! Scent control paid off, and the bull didn't spook however, and Dan continued to stay frozen. The hunter knew there were more bulls in the group, and was patiently waiting for an older bull to show. Eventually, out of the corner of his eye, Burzon noticed something moving. “Mr. Big showed up... and all I could see was the width of his rack. I knew he was huge.” As the gigantic herd bull chased off the smaller one, Dan took advantage and came to full draw, and found a solid anchor on the bull's chest. “He was a bit quartering toward me, more than I prefer, so I aimed a bit closer to his front shoulder. I'll never forget the screaming bugles he was ripping off at 30 yards! The wind was questionable at best, and they had no idea I was there. My heart was racing, and just as soon as he stopped his bugle, I let the arrow fly.” Dan and Steve could tell the bull was hit well because they saw the arrow buried to the nock sticking out of his chest as the animal ran off. At first- Burzon's natural reaction was to try and get another arrow into the animal because the elk only made it 80 yards before laying down, however camerman Mike Wyant and guide Fernandez confirmed that the bull would expire soon- so they backed out. Fours hours and not many yards later- Dan Burzon laid his hands on the biggest bull killed in 30 years on the Colorado side of the legendary Vermejo Park Ranch. Through the emotion and celebration all that could be heard was Dan screaming, “Thank you Jesus! Thank you Jesus!...” Dan, Steve, Mike, and Bob couldn't be more proud, and for good reason. The men turned off the camera, removed their caps, and Bob led the men in a prayer of thanks. And thankful the hunters are- this bull should end up being somewhere in the top five elk archery kills for 2014.


I asked Dan about camp, and what amenities they had. “We had a bunkhouse, no running water, we “showered” in the stream.” Burzon filled me in a bit more. Vermejo Park Ranch is famous for it's amazing elk hunting. A large portion of it lies in New Mexico, while some is in Colorado. “The New Mexico side of the ranch's accommodations are five star, but the Colorado side is more rustic.” Cally hooked me up with some brand new ScentBlocker gear to wear... but until this hunt, I've been wearing the same ScentBlocker shirt and pants for 11 years!” I talk to a lot of hunters, and Dan's the first to know exactly how old his shield gear is. “I love that stuff, it's getting a bit worn, but still works great.” Burzon also shared that because of the lack of running water they sprayed down EVERYTHING with Trinity Blast. “ A hot shower's great... but an elk like this is even better.”

Burzon wasn't the only hunter to connect with an elk in camp! This picture's full of antlers and smiles. Burzon wasn't the only hunter to connect with an elk in camp! This picture's full of antlers and smiles.


The icing on the cake is that Cally Morris' team captured this amazing hunt on video! To see video of Dan's hunt, be sure to check out “The 15 Yard Files” on Realtree.com. From all of us at ScentBlocker Dan- congratulations! And whenever you finally decide to retire your 11 year old ScentBlocker gear, please let us know. We'd like a picture of it for our archives:)


To get an understanding of how close scent control can get you, watch an episode of “The 15-Yard Files” click on the link below.


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