Creating Bad Habits

sb2Right on cue... the confident doe entered the food plot. Guided by her nose, she almost couldn't help but wander in. Even though she was below and downwind of me, the wise old matriarch had to satisfy her curiosity. It also didn't hurt that I was hunting scent free. A well-placed arrow anchored her after a short sprint about sixty yards away. As I watched her fall, I quickly got ready for what was supposed to happen next.

Also confident yet controlled, the buck didn't wander in too much later. He was the real deer I was after, a nice thick 8 point, and the biggest deer that I was aware of on this farm. Another well placed arrow and I closed the chapter on the buck as well. I share access to this farm with six other hunters, and although he isn’t my biggest buck, I'm very proud of him and how my plan had worked. The date was October 18th and I had two bow-kills in less than 20 minutes.

uiBoth of these deer were showing up consistently in my food plot. More specifically, right in front of my camera where I had been spraying ScentBlocker's DUI. Once their habits got really predictable, I waited a few days until a cold snap came in and I figured the buck would be on his feet in shooting light. My hunch was right, and the rest is in my personal bowhunting history.

Deer are like dogs, and want to continuously smell everything. ScentBlocker's new DUI (Deer Under the Influence) is a natural attractant that gets deer curious and seems to calm them. Conditioning a deer to form a bad habit isn't that hard, and with a bit of know how, effort, and common sense, anyone can do it. The time to start is now, and here's why and how.

The Setup
IMG_1648Conditioning a deer to behave a certain way is certainly possible, but the devil is in the details. Without some common woodsmanship, the DUI will never even have a chance to work. First, select an easy to access stand location. I prefer a food plot or other destination stand, like a water hole or mineral block (where legal). While remaining as scent free as possible, I trim the heck out of several trails for access and exit routes. The stand I was hunting in the story above is on an abandoned golf course, with paved trails everywhere. Next, (still scent free) hang the stand keeping in mind a few details like wind direction, where the sun will be during the hunt, shot angles and shooting lanes, etc...

After the setup is created I hang a camera and then spray the entire area with DUI. I mean everything... like my stand, the steps, and anything else I have possible left my mark on. I particularly spray a lot of DUI in front of the camera.


The Observation and Maintenance

Using all of the easy to access trails I created, I continue to monitor the camera and refresh the DUI each week. The DUI is so habit forming and relaxing to the animals that they begin to become accustomed to checking the area, and look forward to their opportunity for a sniff each day. Eventually they'll start to come in earlier and earlier, and become quite easy to pattern. The deer will recognize DUI as a safe smell, and one they look forward to experiencing as often as possible. Some of our researchers have had deer bed down in the DUI. On a side note, we also now have BUI (Bear Under the Influence) which is a modified version of DUI specifically created to attract bears. Once late last summer the ScentBlocker Most Wanted crew filmed a bear coming INTO their blind because of BUI overspray while they were hunting.

Regardless of how effective DUI is, it is still important to remember to be as scent free and quiet as possible when checking the camera and refreshing the DUI attractant.

The Execution
Now it's time for the moment of truth. Be sure to have plenty of practice at the archery range because a shot opportunity is about to happen. When the desired buck is showing up regularly, get in and kill him. When I killed my two deer that fateful evening, the wind was quartering at my back, but I set up that way on purpose. First, I'm very confident in my ScentBlocker scent free regiment. (See many other articles I've written on this topic at Second, I wanted the DUI scent to carry into the swamp, where I knew the deer were bedded. The way that bucks prefer to travel, quartering into the wind, requires us hunters to throw the dice now and then. With my scent free tricks and a bunch of fresh DUI on the ground, it was a no brainer for the deer to come investigate.

Have Fun!
Hunting is supposed to be fun and tricks like DUI certainly help make our experiences in the woods more exciting. Get some DUI, BUI, or HUI (Hog Under the Influence) and start to experiment this summer. Who knows... your next wall-hanger could just be out there somewhere, looking for an excuse to walk in front of your treestand.

Click Here for more information on DUI - Deer Under the Influence, BUI - Bear Under the Influence, and HUI - Hogs Under the Influence as well as to take advantage of a special offer on DUI and Trinity Blast combo’s.

How I Gear Up?
Anything from ScentBlocker and Tree Spider I use... no exceptions. They're a faith based, family oriented company with science that can't be beat. I also shoot Bear Archery and Rocket Broadheads. Bear, Rocket and Trophy Ridge create “workin' man's” products that are fairly priced and I know my hard earned money isn't going to paying for all of the flashy advertising. I love how innovative and practical HAWK Treestands are. More often than not, I find myself saying why didn’t I think of that when sitting in a HAWK. And of course, last but not least, I depend on my Moultrie cameras. Batteries in those things last a season and there's never a doubt in my mind if I'm missing crucial pictures or not.

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