Connecticut Hunter Shoots Giant Buck Over ScentBlockers’ Still Steamin' Mock Scrape

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“...I turned around to see this big 8 point chasing me across the field with love in his eyes... Unfortunately, thanks to Still Steamin', I am afraid to lay a scent trail in the dark. ” Ren Arietti is a veteran whitetail hunter who has developed a unique technique for getting the attention of mature bucks. His proof is on the wall and in November 2012 he shot one of the most incredible bucks ever taken in Connecticut with his muzzleloader.

Ren is a diehard user of ScentBlockers’ Still Steamin' line of whitetail scents. “When I first opened the bottle I noticed it did not smell like the other brands did. I figured it was really good or really bad. It is really good!” A few days before the perfect weather conditions, Ren “sets up” his hunting area by doctoring up real scrapes, creating mock scrapes, and laying down scent trails; all with Still Steamin' doe estrus. He does all of his work in a specific area where he knows a mature buck is spending time. The trails are laid out with a purpose; to lead the lonely buck right by his treestand. After the prep work is done, he quietly leaves, leaving no trace of human scent or interference.

On the morning of the hunt, Ren arrives very early, hours before sunrise, and repeats the process. He'll visit the scrapes again, with the same bottle of Still Steamin'. Ren also lays down a fresh scent trail to his stand. Early November 29th, Ren's plan worked once again, sort of. He was hunting an area that he “set up” on Sunday, discovered a mature buck working the area, and freshened on Wednesday. Early Thursday he saw a giant drop-tined 10 point working a scrape, and wanted to wait him out, but was running out of time due to commitments at work. When the buck wandered safely off, Ren quickly made a covert escape and planned to return ASAP after work.

At precisely 4:10 Ren arrived back in the field, this time in a different location. The wind had shifted and become wrong for his first stand so he sat crosswind nearby on the ground. At about 4:20, Ren heard some huge branches being broken. The same giant buck from the morning then stepped out of the woods, and headed toward the scrape. No way, this can't be happening, Ren thought to himself. “I didn't have much time, and when he stopped in the opening, I hand to move about 3 yards and shot him.” Ren watched the buck jump, run, walk, and then stumble into a pile on the ground, all within about 30 yards. “I started jumping up and down and running around in circles. I broke this bucks heart two years ago when he realized I wasn't a doe. This year I broke his heart with my muzzleloader.”

When asked why Ren was so loyal to Still Steamin', he had this to say. “I have always been a fan of estrus urine. I am constantly looking for the best product within a modest budget. When I first saw Still Steamin' and read that it was from individual deer like the more expensive brands, I thought I would give it a try. Still Steamin' is the best scent I have used in over 20 yrs. This stuff works. It’s insane how good it works.”

From all of us at Robinson Outdoor Products, congratulations Ren! We're proud that dedicated, hardcore hunters like you depend on our products. And we're really excited to see what follows you to the stand next year!

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