My Clothing Priorities

Being a woman you would naturally think I would have a closet full of clothes. If I cleaned out my closet and piled my clothes beside my hunting clothes you would quickly find out I feel more comfortable shopping in an outdoor store than a mall. I have jeans in my closet that I still wear from my high school era, because if I have to pick to spend money on street clothes or hunting clothes you better believe I am picking hunting gear!

I credit my large inventory of hunting clothes to the pure randomness of our Ohio weather. The old saying is true here, "if you don't like the weather here in Ohio, wait fifteen minutes, because it will change." I have sat in my stand at the end of October in 80 degree weather one season, then remember it snowing around the same time the following year. So I say, what better place to have it all than the place that can't seem to make up it's mind.

10257409_748965615134499_3603179139627662464_o Brandi, her hunting buddy, and a beautiful turkey. What more could a girl ask for?

Deer season usually opens the last weekend in September here in Ohio. I always welcome that first morning sunrise in my 1.5 Performance shirt and Feather-Lite Spider Web pants. Depending on the temperature that morning, maybe my KnockOut jacket to keep me warm in that cool fall air. I cannot keep my KnockOut jacket on for long though, I quickly find myself stripping back down to my 1.5 Performance shirt. It is breathable enough to keep me cool and dry on those hot days, and with its two part Trinity scent control it keeps me undetected to the clever whitetails nose.

As the season gets into full swing and it starts to cool off a little during the day I pretty much take up residency in my KnockOut suit and micro harness. I mean this is the "LBD" of my hunting gear. I live in this gear!

It was the set of gear that kept me warm during my last successful, chilly, spring morning turkey hunt. The suit is so comfortable and quiet sometimes I forget I am wearing it.

Come mid to late season, I will layer up my Sola Arctic Shirt and Pants with my Triple Threat jacket and bibs. Anyone who hunts with me or knows me, knows how big of a wimp I am when I get cold. The only way I can survive the rut is to be layered up during those all day, exciting sits.

The Triple threat jacket is perfect for waterfowl hunting. It fits perfect under or over my waders and has plenty of storage for all of my shells and calls. I stay bone dry with the 100 Rainblocker technology that is built into it.

Throughout the majority of my season I wear my Fleece Watch cap, usually when it is under 70 degrees out I am wearing this hat. I would love to say I wear it to strengthen my scent control arsenal but I secretly love this hat for one reason, and one reason only, the ponytail slit. I know it
sounds silly but I love wearing beanies and always have my hair back in a ponytail, so this hat was a natural fit. I use to cut holes in my old ones but it is nice to know ScentBlocker doesn't want me to destroy their nice gear and thought about us long haired women.

The Midwest truly is a blessing and a curse when it comes to the gear junkie in me. How can you not own every piece of SOLA gear in their amazing line? I know for a fact that every single piece of my SOLA gear undoubtedly gives me an advantage over the whitetails here in Ohio. I have worn gear
from many other companies in the past, but none of those have given me the advantage of intelligence like my SOLA gear does. Thank you Scentblocker for feeding the gear junkie in me with nothing but the best gear on earth.

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