Chasin' Bacon is the Cure for Cabin Fever

The dew had not dried on the last morning of the last day of whitetail hunting season before I felt the internal familiar question of  When am I going to hunt next? Luckily, There is always a season…..

Realizing our 2014-15 whitetail season had come to an end, I was somewhat sad to see it go and while I love my full-time job, I crave Saturdays and Sundays spent in God's great outdoors. Since the fall, I'd been chasing whitetails across the country every chance I could and the anxious feeling of "what's next?" crept inside me. Blessedly for Travis and me, we are lucky to have a great friend and ProStaffer, William Malone, who not only enjoys hunting, but he has hogs on his property and extended an invitation for us to hunt them. I washed, dried and properly cared for my Scentblocker clothes with Trinity and shot my bow to avoid the lows of "nothing to hunt". William diligently prepared for our hunt by filling Moultrie feeders with Big Tine, constantly checking cameras and insisting we had every opportunity possible to take down these destructive nuisances. Feral hogs are predominately found in the southeast- and not only very prolific, but they are damaging to fields and property. Needless to say... they are a nightmare for farmers. In Alabama, there is not a season nor bag limit on wild hogs and William's place in Wilcox County, AL provides the perfect combination of swampy bottoms, fields, and timber where hogs like to roam. In the winter, we rely on the meticulous placement of Moultrie feeders pouring Big Tine and corn to get the pigs somewhat patterned. William obtains a permit issued by the game warden and we are able to hunt hogs over bait, however, it is not as easy as one might think.


Walking bacon! Walking bacon!


They are tough to pattern. Furthermore, their sense of smell is incredible. At the first whiff of human scent, every hog- no matter the size or age, will run like the wind in the same fashion that a 5 year old buck does sensing the smell of man. Put a little pressure on the hogs and they will go nocturnal. However, lucky for The Chase, we've got William, ScentBlocker's Trinity apparel in Realtree pattern, our Traditions StrikerFire muzzleloaders. The fact there is no such thing as a "mature" or "trophy" hog is our side as well. What I personally love about hog hunting is there are no aging or "waiting on the big" one required. Shot 'em all! Bacon is Good! 

Camerman  and Leigh. Camerman Joseph and Leigh.


My first morning out with cameraguy, Joseph Maier aka ”Sticks", and "Pigman" William Malone, we trekked out towards a feeder. Unfortunately for us, the pigs were already there and saw us before we could get on them. The afternoon proved to be more successful as Sticks and I sat in a shooting stand over a field centered with a Moultrie feeder. 45 minutes passed and all of the sudden, we heard snorting and noises that could only come from a hog. A big sow, 5 piglets and 3 boars came loudly charging out of the pines and although the wind changed out of our favor, I'd sprayed myself, as well as Sticks, down with Trinity Blast spray so they never knew we were 80 yards away as they settled in to feed. Pigs move quickly so it's always a fun challenge for cameraman and hunter to coordinate as to which pig we are "on". Sticks has filmed me plenty of times so we have our routine down. Three of the boars fought for a minute and ran off into the swamps so I settled in on the sow. BOOM! Trigger pulled and smoke ignited and the hog dropped in her tracks! Hallelujah! I finally let the air outta something for the first time in 2015. Tension level reduced.

Tension reduced! Tension reduced!


I quickly cleaned the barrel and reloaded my muzzleloader because the medium size piglets were still causing ruckus and feeding in the field. I did something I've never done before – I challenged myself, as well as the muzzleloader, to get multiple pigs lined up in an attempt to shoot more than 1 with a single shot. It worked! Mission accomplished! I shot 3 with a single shot. Check that off my "To Do Hunting List"!


The two lady pig killers of the group. The two lady pig killers of the group.


Over the weekend, Travis shot 2 or 3 huge hogs (I lost count), William shot a big boar, and one of the highlights of my weekend was having Jen Davis join us hunting. While Jen is no stranger to hunting, I've never had another female along with me hog hunting. Although it's a rarity, I always enjoy girls in camp and Jen and I had a blast! She made a perfect shot on the biggest pig in the group with her muzzleloader to end the day in success.

The smiling group at pig hunting camp. The smiling group at pig hunting camp.


There is always a season……..and chasing hogs in the swamps of southwest Alabama bridges the gap of deer and turkey season and, thus, helps me avoid that terrible dilemma of cabin fever.


About Leigh:

My name is Leigh Creekbaum and I am a blessed wife, mother, full-time career woman and only child who loves God, family, friends and the outdoors. I Co-Host Scentblocker's The Chase returning 3Q 2015 for our 5th season on Sportsman Channel. Our website is facebook: twitter: @sbthechase Instagram: thechaselt


On this hunt: I wore my Scentblocker SOLA Trinity 1.5 long sleeve shirt, SOLA SuperSkin Shirt and pant, Scentblocker Apex pants, SOLA WindTec jacket, SOLA Rainblocker glove, Lacrosse Arrowhead boot. I used Traditions Vortek StrikerFire muzzleloader with 250 grain bullet and 120 grains BlackHorn 209 Powder and Zeiss Victory RF Laser Rangefinder.

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