The Changing of the Season

There is always a bittersweet feeling when our whitetail season ends. While I am happy to have tagged out and relieved to have more openings on my schedule, I am also saddened to see a season pass, to say goodbye to quality time in the blind with my husband, and the joy of the pursuit.


Elishia’s favorite kind of selfie with her 2014 Kansas Buck Elishia’s favorite kind of selfie with her 2014 Kansas Buck


But for us, the season never really ends, it just changes. From hours in the blind, to hours of prepping for the perfect setup, being a hunter doesn’t have an off-season. This last Saturday, my husband and I decided to hike one of our properties in hopes of finding some sheds. While we may have come home empty handed, it was not a day wasted. Not only did the pup get some great exercise, but I was also given the opportunity to learn our property and enjoy nature.

Meet Diesel, our 9 month old silver lab Meet Diesel, our 9 month old silver lab


Here are some easy ways to fill your time when you aren’t filling your tag.

Learn your land. Know the location of your blind/stands, know the fastest way to enter and exit in case of an emergency, and know the best entry for hunting so that you can safely travel during the dark. Take the time to climb into your tree stands and be sure you can safely reach your destination point. (See my last blog for this ridiculous journey.)

Name your properties or blinds and always tell someone where you are hunting who has knowledge of the ground. We typically hunt in pairs, but on the rare occasion we go out alone, we always let the other know what blind and property we plan to hunt on. This is also key if you have multiple hunters on one property.

Learn your deer. Walk your properties; locate bedding areas, paths, and pinch points for your deer. While you are keeping your feeders full, look for rubs and tracks.

Practice makes perfect. I am always perfecting my shot, changing my surroundings and working to be sure that when that moment comes I will be ready. Out of respect for the animal and my fellow hunters, I want to make a clean shot every time.

practice makes perfect! Practice makes perfect!


Have some fun. While being a hunter is hard work, it should also be enjoyable. Take a day and just enjoy the great outdoors, remember where your passions started and why you work so hard to begin with.

What are some ways you fill your time during the off-season?

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