The Apple of my Eye.

Greetings to all you forgiven children of Abba.
Here in Minnesota, we are well into fall (we had our first snow Tuesday). Fall brings many gifts to us- hunting season, beautiful foliage, and apple trees ready to be picked. Apple treats and pastries and desserts abound. One dear friend has already given me two apple crisp desserts the size of cakes!

All of this led me to wonder the other day as to the origin of the phrase 'the apple of my eye.' The first use I find of it is in Psalms 17:8, it goes like this;
Keep me as the apple of the eye;
Hide me in the shadow of Your wings.

This was actually a prayer for protection from David to his Abba. God was reminding David that he(and we)was the apple of Abba's eye. What it means literally is that we are as precious to Abba as the pupil of His own eye. Also that He will protect His children as passionately as He would His own eye.

So, next time you partake of an apple, remember that you, in your current condition, are totally precious to Him and that He is your protector.
WOW! What a Father.




  • Gerald

    If more companies had a section on God perhaps our nation would be in better shape. God Bless!

  • Jonathan Burton

    I really love this "But God" section on the website! It actually makes me want to buy more products from you guys! :) Keep up the great work! :)

    Jonathan Burton

  • Brian Berg

    God bless and Jesus loves you! I appreciate you spreading the word of God, and you just got added to my favorites! Never be afraid to show your faith. Matthew 5:10- “Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness’ sake, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

  • AL Atkins of Standfast Outdoors

    When as a Nation God Lead Us, we were the Land of the Free, The more we turn from Him, the more this Nation will be turned into Hell.
    Very Blessed to Have you as a Sponsor!
    GAL 5:1


  • "Tex" Webster

    I'm a servant / soldier / son of the Most High God , and His Son Jesus Christ ......... It gives me "Chicken Skin", and much joy to see other Christians ( especially in business and in the public eye ) not afraid to share their faith in Christ with a lost and dying world ! ! ! ! ! ! !
    No matter what "they" may say , we can't shrink back from proclaiming the truth of God's Word , and the PRICELESS REDEMPTION He paid for us through the sacrifice of Jesus ! ! ! ! ! ! ! LOVE covers a multitude of sins........ "Tex" from Plano, Texas

  • Danny Gholson
    Danny Gholson - July 16, 2013 at 5:30 pm

    Thanks and God bless. It's good to know that a lots of people are getting back to God.

  • kyle

    I Agree totallly it is great to see people believing and telling others
    God Bless

  • Nate Howett

    Love a company of men and women being BOLD for Christ.
    Neh. 4:14

    Nate Howett

  • Ron kelley

    Proud to be an American and what God has truly done for me! Blessed are those who believe and call upon his name! I am impressed to see a company that I purchase from place GOD in their daily life. Thank you Thomas for being a man of God and doing his work by spreading his word to others. Great Job.
    Ron Kelley
    Mossy Oak Pro Staff-Whitetail

  • Ashleigh

    That is so true God with hunting is a great blessing think God is watching your hunting his creature that he created it is truly a blessing that you put God on your web site thank you so much for that and God Bless and one more thought His mercy is forever and his Love is never ending and his promise we will have a home with him forever if we confess and believe Thanks again so much!!!!!

  • Dan Trimbur

    But for the Grace of God, there go I. Thank you & God Bless!

  • Bobby & Missy Swim
    Bobby & Missy Swim - August 14, 2013 at 11:01 pm

    We would like to express what a blessing it is to find a website of a company that is willing to show their faith in Christ. We just purchased a pair of boots from your company and now with this discovery we are very pleased that we did. You are now one of our favorites. If all the Christians would stand up and show their faith in God this would be a better world. Continue the good work God Bless You and Yours

  • Gary Bartels

    I love my God, my country, my family and you guys for standing up for and being a great example of Christ's love for us !!! Keep it up !!!

  • mark randolph
    mark randolph - August 25, 2013 at 5:20 pm

    Thank You for keeping the flame burning and in the window,,,
    I will certainly look closer for your products from now on.

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