Engineered to block all that Mother Nature throws your way...

iBlock the voice inside your head that says "Go Home!"Morning light was a half hour away, it was November 4th and the rut was on. I was bowhunting for the first time that year on a well-managed property from a high treestand overlooking the intersection of a bunch of beat-to-the-ground deer trails. Recent trail cam pics confirmed the massive old 10-pointer I'd pursued for several years still called this spot his home.

I was so excited I barely noticed the tree swaying from the north wind or the sharp cold temperatures that were already creeping through the few thin layers I was wearing. The warmth of the morning sun would be a welcome feeling. I had made an amateurish mistake, misjudging the combination of wind and temperature, not dressing properly to withstand the windchill effect that had blown in over night.

By 9 AM I was cold, perhaps partly due to the fact I hadn't seen a deer, but mostly because the weather remained cloudy, windy and cold. By 10, I was shivering, but I knew midday was the best opportunity if I was ever to encounter my dream deer. By 11 AM I was really cold. I couldn't ignore the discomfort any longer and honestly I was disappointed not having seen a single deer.

Then, feeling like an amateur, I was forced by discomfort and cold to climb out of my stand at 11:30, a time trophy hunters know you need to be in your stand.

I had 3/4 mile walk to my truck, by then I felt warmer...and pretty foolish too, for not sticking it out. I grabbed a quick bite to eat, slipped into a soft warm suit of SB Arctic base layers and put a SB Outfitter jacket in my pack. The 100% waterproof membrane of the Outfitter would be critical to block the wind and cold, but also to act as a barrier, blocking my body heat from escaping.

I was nearly back to the field edge when I caught movement of a deer in the woods close to my stand. I eased to the ground as I focused my binoculars on the deer. My heart leaped with excitement, then sharp disappointment; the deer I'd hunted for years was under my treestand. There was nothing I could do as I lay in the field edge watching the huge buck continue up the ridge and eventually out of sight.

I learned a hard lesson that day. A lesson I really didn't need to learn, nor did I appreciate.

A recent survey indicates that hunters consider staying warm as their highest priority.

At ScentBlocker we provide a wide assortment of hunting garments and matching accessories strategically engineered to block all that Mother Nature throws your way; cold, wind, rain, and snow. Don't make an amateurish mistake. Depend upon the ScentBlocker yellow shield to keep you comfortable, warm and dry. Then you can block the voice in your head that says “Go Home”, greatly increasing your chances of success in the field.

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