Another ScentBlocker success story!



Congratulations to our friend Terry at! Here's his story.


Well It was supposed to start raining around 1 that afternoon and I don't have a rain cover for my new video camera so I new I had to sit a ground blind that afternoon, but I didn't have a blind that was good for a SSE wind so I picked the best of what I had which was still not good, so I knew I had to trust my Scent Blocker ( 1.5 shirt as baselayer, NTS bottoms, Pursuit Skull Cap under my black face mask, Knock Out pants and Knock Out jacket under my black jacket ).. I set out my decoy and climbed in my blind just as it started raining.. I had a small buck come in from directly down wind of me about an hour into my sit.. The next buck was the one I shot right before I lost camera light.. He did not come in from down wind but come in to my decoy and stood directly down wind of me at 17 yards for a few minutes before I shot him.. A few minutes after he went down in the field in front of me another buck come in to my decoy and stood directly down wind of me for almost 10 minutes. I have a 111 trail cam pics of this buck since Oct 2nd. He had a squirrely drop tine off his right base but broke it off sometime during the middle of Oct.. Double lunged him, he went about 80-100 yds. I am a scent control freak and my Scent Blocker was a huge key to my success.. The night before on a different farm I had 4 deer come in down wind of me and 2 bucks come to my decoy that stood within 20-30 yards of me down wind for several minutes and was never winded wearing my Trinity Outfitter pants and jacket and of course Scent Blocker hat, facemask and gloves.


On behalf of all of us at ScentBlocker, thanks Terry for sharing in your success and let us know what you tag next!

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