Another ScentBlocker buck down!

Congratulations to our own Zach Rinn. Here's his story.





It was November 2 and I was running a little late on getting into the stand but still managed to crawl up about 15 minutes before legal shooting time to get settled in. I was sitting in a stand that the my uncle has shot a couple nice bucks out of in the past 6 years including a 161" 12 pointer and also a 150” 8 pointer. The stand is situated on a point that has a watering hole (55 gal drum cut in half) and an ATV path going out to the new CRP seeding. According to ScoutLook a WNW wind made that stand the perfect location for my morning hunt. I figured I could maybe catch something getting a refreshment in between cruising for does, it tends to be a pretty active stand.


It was calm all morning long other than a few squirrels here and there but nothing too exciting. At about 7:45 I was contemplating shooting one of those squirrels, but a little voice in my head said, it is November 2nd don't risk scaring something near by. Well good thing I didn't because it wasn’t five minutes later that I heard a few crunches on the downwind side of my stand sure enough it was this guy at 15 yards. I tried to stand up as slowly as I could but the stand was squeaking with every tiny move I made. Finally I got up and got my hands on the bow. I didn't have a shot where he was standing so I had to wait. He stood downwind for about two minutes. I had the new SB Matrix suit on just and sprayed it down with the new Trinity Scent Eliminator spray. He didn't put his nose up or anything- it was like I was never there! Finally after about two minutes he moved toward the water. I was set up this shot, hoping he would come that direction. He stopped half way there and gave me a wide open shot as he hit a licking branch at 10 yards. I was optimistic that he was going to the water so I didn't move because I didn’t want the stand to squeak. Sure enough, the script played out and he went right to the water. As soon as he got there he was quartering to me so I didn't have a shot. As he got to the water, there was something there he didn't like (at this point he is up wind) and started to take off so I ignored the sound my squeaky stand was going to make and quickly grunted to stop him. And as luck would have it, he stopped in a non-shooting lane at 15 yards with only the middle and the back part of his body showing. I put the pin right on his vitals, touched the release, and watched my Rage tipped arrow with a lighted nock sail into his hind quarter. He ran off. I was sick, I thought I made a terrible shot. My first Buck with a bow and I just made a terrible terrible shot. Well I got down found very little blood, decided to back out. I paced around in the kitchen at the farm but after 3 hours I couldn't take it any more. My uncle, a cousin, and I went to look. There was very little blood and I thought he was just going to be a memory but then 40 yards from the stand we found the arrow. Then I looked down the hill and there he was laying up against a downed tree. I was Ecstatic, nine years in the making! My first buck with a bow.


It was my first sit with the New ScentBlocker Matrix, so it is “one for one”. A mature whitetail downwind, most of the time you are getting busted and seeing the white flag. I’m a firm believer in ScentBlocker products, and this encounter proves that they work.

On behalf of all of us at ScentBlocker, welcome to the team Zach and congratulations! We're excited to see what you put your next tag on.

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