Another Save for the SpiderWeb

We never get tired of posting these safety harness testimonials. Here's a recent one from Brian Dauberman. In his own words:

Safe at home, Brain and his SpiderWeb bibs. Safe at home, Brian and his SpiderWeb bibs.


"I was hunting in Ohio for several days straight. One tends to get tired after hours on the stand and that was me. I fell asleep! Thanks for your wonderful product because I'm sure it saved my life. I would have fallen 25 feet to the ground. The SpiderWeb safety apparel worked great and I wanted to thank everyone involved for making it! I also want to thank my wife for getting it for me. I never thought I'd need it- but am thankful that I had it on. The SpiderWeb is very comfortable and every hunter should have one.

Thanks again- Brian"


Thank you Brian! We're glad you are happy with your set of SpiderWeb safety apparel and happy that you made it home safe. From everyone at ScentBlocker- we hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday season. And P.S.- send us a picture of the buck you shoot this fall:)

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