What is our Abba Father like?

Welcome back as we begin to examine a bit more closely what our Abba Father is like.

To state the obvious, a father is one who has children! Duh. A good father is one who is committed to meeting the needs of his children. And a good father is one that loves his children. This is where we begin to separate fathers, however. Love, you see, is based on knowledge. The way love grows is through knowledge. The better we know someone, the more of them we can love. When we translate that reality to Abba, we rest in the truth that He knows us completely.

Now, in order to know someone's needs, we must know them. This is another example of Abba being our perfect Father. As our children often do, we also, as His children, often think we know what our needs are and what is best for us. But Abba, our Father, always knows best. We will take a few weeks to look at what I believe are some of our needs that Abba meets that we might not always realize or remember.

A great example of this is our need to worship. We have been created to worship. We are worshipers. We will worship, whether we call it worship or not. When we deny this need, or we worship inferior gods, like people, possessions, status, etc., we will experience spiritual and emotional problems, as well as bad behavior resulting from poor judgment.

Let's take a minute to look at worship. The word 'worship' comes from the Anglo-Saxon word 'weorthscipe', which evolved into the word 'worthship' and then into the word 'worship'. Worship is ascribing worth or value to someone or something. We were not designed to live independent from God, but rather to live in dependence on and in intimacy with Him. In order to live in that manner, we must be in worship of Him, that is ascribing to Abba His ascendent, infinite, and absolute worth. We will worship. When Abba is not the recipient of our worship, the rest of our lives are out of balance and out of focus. Correct worship is ascribing to Abba, His worth, and worthiness.

Next week we will continue this look at how He meets our need to worship and how it affects our intimacy with Him. Until then, tell Him how worthy He is of your worship and thank Him for meeting this need you have.


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