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  • Making the Most of Your Time

    There's not much prettier than a spring turkey sunrise.

    Spring can be such a busy time of year. My husband and I own a garden center in the spring. Between maintaining our hunting property in northern Minnesota and running the garden center we have very limited time for...

  • Hunting Husbandless

    What a beautiful scene.

    For me, it’s not always about the kill. Of course I love to see all of my hard work pay off and result in a beautiful animal being harvested, but sometimes that’s not what I enjoy the most. I enjoy the sunrises and sunsets. I enjoy sitting with my...

  • A First Turkey and Family Tradition

    Thanks in advance to our good friend Brandon Wilmoth for this guest blog post about his son Platt's first turkey. 

    Platt is all smiles in the outdoors.

    My five-year-old-son, Platt, and I have developed our father/son bond in many ways, but I most cherish the moments...

  • Robinson's Response to Recent Court Case

    Cannon Falls, MN — May 27, 2016

    To our Friends, Customers, ProStaff, Retail Partners and Fellow Hunters:

    As many of you may have heard, last week a Michigan Federal District court case concluded with a verdict of false advertising by Robinson Outdoor Products...

  • Field Testing The Beast

    Among the many amazing opportunities I get while working with ScentBlocker, some of my most favorite are when I get to do field testing with product prototypes. This spring was one of the more memorable, with my son and I both taking gigantic turkeys while wearing our new...

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