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  • Keeping Warm While Filling the Last Tag

    Because of my warm gear, one of the coldest nights in recent history was pretty easy for me to hunt. The sideways snow riding the bitter winds didn't bother me much, and I really enjoyed the hunt. Near dark, the curious buck made one last fatal mistake, and in between snow...

  • Finding a Way with Mark Misura

    Honestly, there is nothing that turns me off of outdoor media more quickly than blatant product plugs.  So, let me preface this by stating that this is anything but that.  This is my experience with a product that has rapidly moved to the top of my list of...

  • The Tale of Garfield the Buck

    I was recently able to put my tag on a great buck I named “Garfield”. Here's how it all went down, along with some lessons you can use in your next hunt.

    Friday, November 4th - I was sitting in a ladder stand along the SW corner of a bedding area, just above a...

  • Dressing for the Rut

    One thing that is consistent about the whitetail rut is that it is inconsistent. I've seen good rut years where we've got inches of snow, and others where I'm hunting in a t-shirt. I've seen full blown aggressive ruts that last the first two weeks of November, and I've seen...

  • Fresh Herb Marinade for a Venison Backstrap

    Fresh Herb Marinade for a Venison Backstrap

    1/2 cup fresh chopped Rosemary and Basil 8 garlic cloves minced 1/2cup soy sauce 1 cup water 2 Tbsp olive oil 1 Tbsp mustard seeds 2 Tbsp honey Sea salt and cracked pepper

    Start by applying the olive oil on the...

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