My 5 Hunting Guidelines


The Creekbaums with two giant whitetail bucks- and the real trophy in their lives, son Gray. The Creekbaums with two giant whitetail bucks- and the real trophy in their lives, son Gray.


Hunting Guideline 1

I'll admit – in the past, when we arrived at camp and shot our bows to ensure nothing happened to our bows en route, I purposely would wait until everyone had shot their bows to even step foot on the range because I was timid about shooting in front of others and as sure as Tyler, our cameraguy, filmed me, it was a guarantee my arrow was going to miss the target. Lol

Finally, I came to the peace of knowing all of the guys and girls had to start somewhere and there was no need to be intimidated shotting while other people were around. Heck, we have a hunting show for crying outload.  When I came to the realization that's why hunting and shooting bows is so much fun – to encourage others and push myself to be a better shooter – all of the sudden I had less adjustments and fewer arrows to hunt for that had missed the target. Also, in my years of hunting, no one has ever been mean, yelled or made fun of me practicing shooting my bow. I've only received cheers and pointers when needed. Regardless of whether it's a bow or gun, as my mom would say, "They can't eat you!" Ask for help…don't be insecure or intimidated. Your only limit is yourself.


Hunting Guideline 2

Most girls I know love an outfit that fits well and is functional. As a blessed mother of a very active 4 year old, never have I considered more what I wear than now. Gone are the days of cute dresses and skirts. They've been replaced by shorts with plenty of pockets, comfortable shoes, and layers because it’s a guarantee we're going to get warm playing and running around outside.

Finally, the fine people at ScentBlocker realized that moms, aunts, wives, girlfriends, daughters and grandmothers want to be outdoors with their boys – young and not-so-young – and have made several lines of clothes for us that are not only functional, but look great and made for women, not just a guy pattern with some pink thrown on there.

My first time hunting with Travis, I looked like a camo balloon walking out as there were zero women's hunting clothes available. Thank goodness, he made me feel like a queen! When we hunted together, I loved learning about the travel patterns of deer, how they act in woods and the more wildlife we saw, the more excited I was! Quickly, I realized the best way to see deer was to listen to Travis and control my human odor as much as possible. If I went to a stand and earlier in the day sprayed hairspray, I was bummed because no deer showed up. ScentBlocker's practices, as well as Trinity (it's THE BOMB!) infused clothing line has seriously changed the way I hunt. I'm addicted more than ever because I see more animals every time I go out. On a typical Saturday, I'm the last one out of bed but something about seeing God's great outdoors that gets me up and ready and is still shocking to Travis the pace I get dressed versus on a normal day getting ready for work. (Got to keep 'em guessing, girls! Lol)


Hunting Guideline 3

As far as getting women in the outdoors – I tell any woman I'm blessed to meet, if I can do it (bow hunt), than anyone can!

In all seriousness, I realized early in Gray's life that he's not always going to want to go to the playground with his mommy so the sooner I learned how to naviagate around the outdoors – from baiting my own hook to loading and unloading weapons – the better mom and teacher I'll be to him, not to mention get to spend more time with him and his dad!


Hunting Guideline 4

I'm one of those women who, for the life of me, can't find an extra time in the day before or after my full-time job to dedicate to an exercise regimen to stay in shape for stalking and hunting seasons. Therefore, I take care of my body by eating right, taking stairs as much as I can, chasing Gray any and all the time, as well as a daily dose of ScentBlocker's vitamins. So far, I've been blessed to stay well through hunting season and the entire year.


Hunting Guideline 5

I have long, thin hands and limbs with "weaker than I'd like" wrists. For me, the best bow is the biggest grip (because it feels stronger in my hands) and the one that's lightest to hold. Last fall, I was at full draw for 14. 5minutes on a full-velvet buck. I'd never thought I was capable of doing that but if any other bow other than my Mathews Helum was in my hands, I'm not confident I could've held that long.

As far as a gun is concerned, I am one of those girls who'll try any caliber once. My husband is brilliant because at the range, he puts a 22 in my hands to practice, therefore when it comes to hunting time, I'm comfortable and confident in whatever gun will get the job done because I left range on a confident, positive gun that didn't "kick my booty" and leave me with fear.

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