2016 ATA Show Day #3 Recap- The Final Day

The 2016 ATA show in Louisville has launched Robinson Outdoor Products into our best year yet. This show has been so much fun- with old friends around every corner and many new ones being made as well. Although we are sad to see the show end, it's time to get back to the office and start filling orders. Here's a few more things we introduced at the show.

Under the Influence Series

uiUsing new Under the Influence, with its naturally intoxicating effect, helps make big game more relaxed and complacent – and animals act like they don’t even care! The calming aspect of these products is unique, powerful and totally new to hunting!

These unprecedented and proprietary formulas have been researched and refined in the lab, and then tested in the field on wild game. They contain a unique and powerful natural root extract, which has a well-documented effect of physiologically calming and relaxing high-strung and hyper animals. ScentBlocker applies this science to the first-ever hunting product that reduces the fear and flight response of game, while calming and relaxing them. They have an almost intoxicating effect and are unlike anything previously available.

When establishing feed stations or hunting over bait, spray Under the Influence when you first set up your bait station. You may spray it on the bait itself, the surrounding foliage, or on a scent rag. Keep applying each time you bait and mist it through the air periodically during your hunt. Or spray on foliage near your stand site and in shooting lanes. Under the Influence will help to encourage prolonged visits and more frequent visits during daylight hours.

drizzlerAlso new for 2016 is a new delivery system for DUI – The Drizzler, a pre-filled dripper that allows you to apply and maintain your favorite DUI liquid at selected feeding stations, mineral locations, and stand sites. DUI Drizzler maintains site effectiveness for several days without having to re-apply. Encourages daytime visits and overcomes big game’s nocturnal tendencies.

DUI is offered in two classic scented versions; aromatic Cherry Vanilla, and a delicious Apple Vanilla scent. The scents act as an attractant and encourage inhalation by big game.

New CinnaHog HUI contains the already proven calming ingredients of original DUI, plus the added hog-attracting scents of cinnamon, molasses, vanilla, and corn.. HUI is perfectly tailored for attracting, holding, and calming at feeding stations.

New Beary Cherry BUI is being offered in a powerful new cherry vanilla anise and honey scented formula. It can be applied directly to baits and foliage around bait sites, as well as sprayed into the air while awaiting the bear’s arrival. Notorious for being nocturnal, bears can be more easily lured out during daylight when feeding on bait stations sprayed with BUI.

As always, stay tuned to our website and social media outlets for more information on all of these new products we unveiled at the ATA show, as well as many others. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to reach out to us. From all of us at Robinson Outdoor products- we hope you enjoyed the wild ride that the ATA show is. We also hope you have a safe and happy new year. And when you get out hunting- be it predators or turkeys, waterfowl or big game, have fun and send us pictures.

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