Hunting Clothes and Gear Made for Women

By Nicole McClain—Warrior. Survivor. Hunter. @McClainTweets

Nicole and her SOLA gear after a hot, successful hog hunt. Nicole and her SOLA gear after a hot, successful hog hunt.


When I was diagnosed with cancer, my reality imploded. I made a bucket list of to-do's- including archery and hunting. When I started hunting, I passed on nearly a dozen deer because I couldn’t ‘shoot an animal’. After passing on a 12-point buck, I told myself, You either shoot next time or give up ‘this hunting thing.’ The next time I saw a buck, I hesitated… and then landed my first deer 20 yards out. Trembling and teary-eyed, I called my father, “Dad, I just shot a deer.”

He said, “Well, all right….. That’s what you set out to do, right? Then good job.” Gotta love how a military father can put every complicated girly-moment into perspective.

That was back in the day of wearing mis-matched camo patterns, a man’s pants and jacket, and hiking boots. The gloves were too big and the safety harnesses too awkward. Frankly, the only advantage to wearing men’s clothing was when hunting solo—any hunting trespassers would simply leave the property realizing there was already a ‘dude’ on the turf.

Women of all ages are taking ownership proving hunting has broad appeal. Social media has opened communication channels, allowing women and want-to-be shooters a platform to share their stories, get tips and tricks, and engage with other hunters in real time. It has turned the solitary naysayers, “I can’t do that,” into, “Well if she can do it, I can certainly try too.” 

And the retail industry has recognized the revenue potential of making clothing and gear designed to fit the female frame, allowing more women to enter into the industry.  Mathews continues to design bows specifically for women in response to the growing market of avid female hunters. Companies like ScentBlocker are outfitting women hunters with the SOLA brand of clothing and accessories—offering all of the traditional features of ScentBlocker’s men’s garments—created specifically for the female body. Finally, the days of shuffling through our brother's pants and shirts are long gone, and we can order a bow that fits our shorter draw length. 

The SOLA Recon shirts and pants are tough on the outside, and soft on the inside, and include the S3 antimicrobial technology. I can move easily in pants that fit my frame and wear shirts tailored for both my lines—bust and waist. I wore the SOLA Recon pants and shirts during the June ScentBlocker Most Wanted bear hunt in Idaho where temperatures varied from morning until night. In Texas, with humid temps of 101 degrees, the recon pants allowed me to move freely and keep as cool as possible. Topping off with a spray of Trinity Blast, the feral hogs and painted desert rams never detected my human scent.

Women are enjoying the outdoors with their husbands and children, creating family memories—and feeling empowered by bringing home the bacon—literally. Additionally, it is a unique skill set—sport shooting, gun hunting and archery—that helps women gain confidence too. As a hunter, I have full knowledge and appreciation of what I do. As a female, I have full appreciation for companies like ScentBlocker and Mathews that make every hunt all the more enjoyable, attainable, and successful.


  • Judy Wilson

    It's great that there are more hunting gear and apparel being made for women. I can relate to your statement about having to wear men's pants, jackets, and hiking boots to go hunting. When I started going hunting with my husband, I had to borrow his old boots and hunting clothes he used to wear when he was a teenager. Being able to wear hunting clothes and boots that fits my body would help make the experience much more enjoyable. I should start looking for companies that aim to make clothes for women who like to hunt now that I know about this. Thanks for posting this information!

  • Staff Writer

    Thanks so much for your insights and comments Judy! I believe we have more women's bow hunting apparel in our Sola line up than any other branded apparel company, all designed by women, for women. Appreciate your support! Have a great day!

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