Hunters like them, but frankly our garments are made to impress animals.

No other brand innovates so much on behalf of todays hunter.¬†ScentBlocker products cover entire spectrum of hunting apparel, accessories, body care and liquid scent elimination products. By combining the most effective scent control technologies, new age fabrics designed to weather well and protect, the latest proven camouflage patterns, and garment designs with features and details others copy but never quite duplicate,¬†ScentBlocker makes a hunter disappear.¬†The Advantage of Intelligence.™

Tree Spider®

Let's just say what's on everyone's mind. Most hunters don't use safety products because they're awkward to put on, noisy and hinder the hunting experience. So we created Tree Spider® and re-defined the entire category. It's the first line of safety products that actually helps hunters make a shot, providing unprecedented ease of use, comfort, stealth and mobility. Designed to disappear into the experience, in fact, this year we introduce safety integrated right into ScentBlocker® clothing. Light, quiet, easy, fast. Tree Spider® kills every excuse hunters have for not taking safety seriously.


Whitewater garments are as effective in the field as they are on the water or in the woods.

Their reliability is renowned world wide, by hunters as well as with members of the military. Whitewater features the camouflage patterns and names that hunters know and trust. Whitewater's resistance to wind, rain and foul weather is legendary.