Trinity™ Scent Control Technology

ScentBlocker® with new Trinity™ Technology. It's more than an engineering marvel. It's a new milestone in human scent control that goes where no hunting apparel has gone before. Its game-changing properties are so powerful, yet so thin and light, that it takes comfort and performance to a whole new level. But the real proof is in the hunt. Try ScentBlocker Trinity on for size and see the advantage of intelligence.

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Complexity honed to a fine edge.

New proprietary WindBrake™ technology makes it possible to move without stiffness or noise in winds over 50 MPH, yet retain extreme scent control capability, water repellency and warmth – and not pick up burrs and brambles that plague other softshells.

Alpha gear for the Alpha predator.

It’s been called the ultimate killing machine: This is the highest level of in-field invisibility ever developed. With revolutionary Trinity scent control technology, and WindBrake which stops winds over 50 MPH, while deadly Silent Micro Fleece provides stealth, and excellent rain repellency for comfort, this gear will literally blend in anywhere.

Next to nothing means everything.

Designed for performance, the 1.5 series of clothing offers everything in next to nothing. The marriage of Trinity scent control technology, 4Direction stretch fabric for comfort, Micro Wick for staying cool and dry, and S3 antimicrobial treatment makes this the ultimate garment for any hunter.

Bet Your Life, Performance Guaranteed.

Soft and yet quiet the 100% wind/waterproof breathable lightweight fabric system is forged into a strikingly designed garment set which easily coordinates with ScentBlocker System layers to extend to all season protection.

The new ScentBlocker Versa appears simple but it is a truly sophisticated product.

Light. Cool. Deadly.

Early season scouting and hunting can sweat you up in a hurry, making scent control a challenge.

The performance of the new FeatherLite constructed in our super-tough, ultra lightweight ripstop fabric sets the stage for success.

Striving for early season success, TreeSpider® introduces to the SpiderWeb family the lightest ever, fully integrated tree stand safety hunting apparel - FeatherLite!

This. Changes. Everything.

Shattering conventional thought, SpiderWebs combine the hunter's three most basic needs; security, stealth, and comfort. Slip into a set and be treestand ready.

All time favorite. Except with deer.

A legend in its own time, the Outfitter series of gear has taken down more big game than any other ScentBlocker suit. With Brand new Trinity scent control technology, BodyLock, RainBlocker, and WindBlocker Sherpa Fleece for warmth; the best just got better.

Light, cool, and deadly.

The Knock Out Jacket and Pant are the perfect pair for pre-season scouting and early fall hunts. Lightweight with breathable XLT fabric, the Knock Out offers industry shattering Trinity scent control technology combined with 4Direction stretch

Specifically for the crossbow hunter.

The X-Bow Jacket and Pant is not just a garment, they are a deadly tool. With brand new patented Trinity scent control technology, Body Lock, and XLT lightweight construction, this gear will allow the crossbow hunter movement and stealth.

Lightweight garment, heavyweight features.

The NTS, or Next To Skin Shirt and Pant are lightweight gear with heavyweight features. Designed for the hunting athlete, these garments are ready for runnin' and gunnin'.