Being Bugged by Bugs Really Bites

Proven by Sportsmen in the Most Extreme Conditions

Each specifically formulated to provide long-lasting multi-species protection. Field tested in the swamps of Florida to Alaska’s northern reaches. Get ultimate protection from disease carrying mosquitoes and ticks with Bug Blocker so you don’t end up bugging out from the time you spend outdoors.

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Bug Blocker for Ticks and Mosquitoes

Bug Blocker for Mosquitoes uses highly effective DEET to repel mosquitoes that may carry the Zika or West Nile Virus, and it is effective for up to 8 hours. Our special formula contains two additional repellents to repel biting flies and other insects, including black flies, gnats, chiggers, spiders and ticks, making it much more effective on flies than DEET-only products.

Bug Blocker for Ticks with Permethrin kills and repels ticks that may carry Lyme disease and other biting insects such as chiggers, spiders, gnats and repels mosquitoes that may carry the Zika or West Nile Virus. Bug Blocker for Ticks can be applied to clothing, tents, packs, and sleeping bags but should not be used on skin. When applied to clothing and gear, Bug Blocker for Ticks is effective for two weeks even after laundering.